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Hovercraft model
- Construction -


This model use a lot of ply, try to get good price and big sizes. I've find in do-it-yourself megastore model ply of much larger dimensions (0.5 m2) than the one you can find in model shops. (In Europe, ply Aviomodelli 600 x 200)

Color (and texture) of the skirt fabric of the model showed here is not the best, but that i was already owning this fabric.
I recommand you to use kite fabric.

To glue fabric, make tests. The glue presented on photos is efficient, but long to dry (one day). Glue both faces, because fabric will drink the glue.

For resin, use standard resin instead of model resins, which are finition resins. A standard resin will be lower cost, and less prone to create allergies.

It is imperative to use thixotropic agent (colloïdal silica) to make the joints. All model tips like using chemical yeast are useless.

You can cut the ply with a cutter, but you will be more precise and go much faster by using strong scissors.