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Hovercraft model


Content of the drawings


You can download all Plans here PDF format (330 ko)

I've made a version of Plans in inches, which is far from being up to date. Though, being translated, there are many decimals.
To have cotation a bit more round, one inch have been taken as being 25 mm instead of the real 25.4 mm.
So, the hovercraft will be 1.6% larger in Inches...
As cotation may be difficult to read due to the decimals, you are invited to refer to the international version when in doubt, and divide by 25.

On line since 9 june 2003.

Revision Modifications
21 Aout 2003 . A new servo box which can hold two batteries, with a fan cooler. Attention ! plans in inches and dxf files haven't been revised.
. Width of the propeller ring guard have been decreased, in order to reduce the rudder effect where there is some wind.
15 september 2003 .. To ease puzzle assembly, tags have been defined. Plans in inches haven't been revised
17 september 2003 . New layout on plywood sheets 500 x 1000 mm

For those who want to scale up or down, modify, etc.
You will find here in Autocad 12 DXF format (Zipped)

If you have difficulties to read or interpret the plans, the good solution is to print them on paper, to play with scissors, and to try solving the puzzle.
In any case, it is a good idea to make a hard paper model, which will save you time if you intend to build the model.

Thanks to not redistribute these plans. I want people to came back on Internet site to get the last information.

Content of the drawings

Ensemble view
Tool for hull

Hull - Propulsion
Ply layout
Ply layout
Ply layout, alternative
Ply layout, alternative
Storage box

If you write me to get the skirt plans, don't forget (it's important), to set in the mail subject "Hovercraft skirt plans".
Read the details in the plans presentation.

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