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- Health and safety -

Health and safety

  1. Epoxy resin is toxic at skin contact while not polymerised. It creates skin allergies, sometimes lung allergies.
  2. Base care :

    . Always wear gloves

    . Use throwable tools

  3. Epoxy resin emits few solvents, but it is needed to vent your workshop

  4. Polymerised resin is chemically neutral, but it is toxic while liquid or not completely polymerised.

Complete polymerisation might need 3 to 5 days.

Base care :

. You must not expose yourself to projections, especially while using brushes. If there is projections, use chemical protection mask for organic solvents (cartridges in active carbon). Note that the cartridges have a lifetime of 8 hours.

. Never spray resin. Professionals who are doing that use closed overalls with respiratory systems. Moreover, it is needed to decontaminate the whole workshop.

. You must not sand incompletely polymerised resin. It is very toxic for lungs. It means that practically, you have to wait nearly one week before sanding. So, how to do ? The only way i found is to use a cutter for preparation. High risk to cut yourself, but that's largely preferable than destroying your lungs.

Special care : A layer of resin chemically adhere to the previous layer if set less than 24 hours after the previous layer. When polymerised, you must have a mechanical adherence between the layers, by sanding the previous layer. It means you have to do a new layer within 24 hours, or after 4 days waiting complete polymerisation. So, prepare yourself very well before beginning resin work.

Before starting resin, drink something because after the start, you will not be able to do so without throwing your gloves in the bin.